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A collection of reference materials in PDF form.

Peter Lowe video


In 2008 Peter Lowe and the film maker Edward Grabczewski made a 48-minute documentary about his art. It is set in Lowe’s home in south London, the Christie’s auction house, and an exhibition in Southampton. In the film Lowe explains his approach through detailed reference to a dozen particular works. Here is the film on YouTube.

Systeemi catalogue cover


Lowe featured in the first Systems group exhibition in 1969. The Systeemi catalogue included a text and image of his relief.

Peter Lowe Clare Hall

Clare Hall

The catalogue for this solo exhibition contains essays by the critic Gloria Carnevali and the artist.



Lowe has written several articles for this German magazine, including one entitled “Concrete Art, some pros, some cons.”

Peter Lowe Lagamas Cornelius Foundation

Cornelius Foundation

Lowe spent three months in the South of France as part of a project organised by the Cornelius Foundation.

Rational Aesthetic Peter Lowe


Peter Lowe was interviewed in depth by the art historian Dr Alan Fowler for the catalogue for the exhibition “A Rational Aesthetic” in Southampton in 2008. The full interview in PDF form is here.

Systems 1972


The Systems catalogue for the Arts Council exhibition in 1972 contained an explanation and photograph of the installation Lowe made for it.

De Volle Maan

De Volle Maan

The catalogue for a group exhibition in the Full Moon gallery in Delft, Netherlands, in 1976 contains a text and drawing.

Anthony Hill, Peter Lowe, Jeffrey Steele, Lublin

Lublin, 1999

The catalogue for this three-man exhibition in Warsaw contains a commentary by Jagoda Barczynska.

Peter Lowe

Lowe statements

A collection of statements by Peter Lowe from various sources.

Flowers panel discussion

Flowers symposium

Lowe was on the panel of speakers at a discussion at the Flowers gallery in London in January 2015.

Mary Martin

Mary Martin

Lowe was taught by Kenneth and Mary Martin among others at Goldsmiths’. Here is his appreciation of Mary published in 2004.

Peter Lowe in Systems 1972

End of Systems

These notes on the Systems group by the art historian Dr Alan Fowler include an explanation of Lowe’s part in the group and its dissolution.

Arte Inglese Oggi

Arte Inglese Oggi

This exhibition in Milan organised by the British Council in 1976 was accompanied by a book with photographs of Lowe installations and a text by Philip Hughes.

Britische Systematische


An exhibition in Zurich in 1990 of the work of 10 British constructive artists had a catalogue with a Lowe text.

Peter Lowe spiral constructions

Spirals and more

An explanation by Lowe of how he made spiral constructions, and some notes on his other works.

Peter Lowe Lagamas stars

Musical stars

A work by Lowe inspired a musical composition by Eric Fischer.

Kenneth Martin

Kenneth Martin

Lowe wrote an article for Constructivist Forum about the artist and his influence on him.

Peter Lowe Constructive Context

Constructive Context

The catalogue for this Arts Council exhibition curated by Stephen Bann in 1972 contained an explanation by Lowe of two works.

Peter Lowe in Lapland


The German group Arbeitskreis organised an exhibition and symposium in northern Finland in 1983. The resulting book showed Lowe at work.

Das Entgrenzte Bild

Das Entgrenzte Bild

The book accompanying the exhibition contained a note on Lowe’s work by the art historian and curator Anne Montfort.

Peter Lowe at work

Can art be logical?

An answer by Lowe, who has said his art is logical.

Peter Lowe, Arte Struktura, 1990

Volume and Void

Lowe exhibited a set of wall reliefs at Arte Struktura in Milan in 1990.

Van Doesburg

Van Doesburg

Lowe wrote this article about Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931), the Dutch abstract artist and founder of De Stijl (“The Style”).

Structure book


A book based on the arts magazine “Structure” contained references to Lowe and his friend Colin Jones in the last issue in 1964.

Peter Lowe Arbeitskreis German park installation


Lowe made an outdoor installation in a park in Germany for a project led by the Arbeitskreis group in 1986. Here is a text from a brochure on the project.

Peter Lowe Plus Echo

Film set

Lowe collaborated with Studio Scarabee to make a set for the 1982 film “Plus Echo” directed by the Dutch film-maker Adri Boon.

Peter Lowe exhibition

Two directions

An essay by Lowe on how rotary and straight-line movements inform his work.

Peter Lowe at Waterhouse and Dodd

Waterhouse & Dodd

The London fine art broker showed works by Lowe in late 2015.

Peter Lowe Colin Jones exhibition 1960s

Relief Structures

The catalogue for this show at the ICA in 1966 contained an essay by the Dutch artist and writer Joost Baljeu.

Peter Lowe Gardner Centre

Gardner centre

The catalogue for an exhibition at the University of Sussex in 1974 contained an essay by Philip Hughes.

Construction in Process

Poland 1981

Lowe exhibited at “Construction in Process” in Lodz, Poland, held unofficially by students with Solidarity's assistance just before martial law was declared. The floor reliefs he had made for the show were among works stored for 30 years until exhibited again at the Lodz modern art museum. Here is a text by Lowe about the original Construction in Process event.

Peter Lowe reliefs

Lowe on reliefs

An article on Lowe’s preferred form.

Peter Lowe Christies catalogue


The catalogue for the auction in London featured in the video about Lowe has a text by the historian Alastair Grieve and notes on the works.